Highland Rescue Ambulance District located in the foothills of Denver.  Proudly serves as the EMS district for the communities of Genesee, Lookout Mt, and Ideldale.  The department is primarily made up of volunteers dedicating there time to the district. We are made up of 3 paid paramedics and 45 volunteer EMT’s and paramedics that provides 24/7 medical coverage to the district. Our station located at highway 40 and Lookout Mt houses our 3 ALS ambulances and 1 rescue providing a central location for responding to our 33.5 square mile district. Our mission at Highland is to provide the best patient care possible to anyone needing our help.


Highland Rescue’s calls range from residential medical calls to multi car accidents on interstate 70. We respond to back country calls for hikers off our many trail systems and provide wildland fire medial response for Genesee and Foothills fire protection districts. Our average number of calls per year is ~700 with the majority of those being traffic accidents from I-70.